Patient Speak

My two year old daughter was suffering from persistent colic, which three different courses of antibiotics over six months failed to heal. Dr Nidhi approached the problem with homeopathic medicines which cleared the disease within two weeks.

Mona Malhotra (Homemaker)

Dr Nidhi has been instrumental in helping me overcome Acidity and Gastritis problem. She is highly qualified, personable and uses a truly holistic approach to get the best results for her patients. Her gentle treatment yielded good results, with me now being much less susceptible to Acidity than in the past.

Ratnesh Jain (Businessman)

I came to see Dr Nidhi having numerous health issues, I used to have pain in the chest, my muscles and bones felt lifeless, feeling exhausted even after 10 hours of sleep stressed, and unexplainable pains all over my body. To put it in short nothing seemed right with me from head to toe, but after few sessions with Dr Nidhi I can confidently say that I was lucky to have found a Doctor who has deep insight into the ailments of human body. Today I feel much healthier and more confident than when I first saw Dr Nidhi. I would recommend her to anybody who needs to regain health and confidence.

Kishor Joglekar (Senior Citizen)

Homeopathy has been a great influence in keeping me healthy. I know I can always count on Dr. Nidhi to come forward, when I am overworked and feel that I have no energy to continue on! Homeopathy brings me back to a state of balance, clarity and peace and enables me to reach my goals and be my best.

Homeopathy has immensely improved the quality of my life, and I am indebted to Dr. Nidhi for helping me to reach the best state of my overall well being.

Shwetali Deshmukh (Software Engineer)

I've been going to Dr. Nidhi since 6 months and I have seen nothing but improvement in my life styles my attitude, health, and self consciousness. Before this, I was a miserable person. At first, I never wanted to go to these sessions. But after I started to give it a chance I became a better person. I used to get bad grades like D's and C's now I get straight A's.

Mrunal Singh (College Student)